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Dec 16

Why ‘Christmas Vacation’ and ‘Bad Santa’ are just as good as ‘Miracle On 34th Street’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’

It’s the Christmas season, and that means Christmas movies! I happen to love Christmas flicks, and I make it a… read more

Dec 02

How To Start A New Holiday Tradition

I love the holiday season! Always have, and likely always will. I enjoy the good-natured spirit that most people are… read more

Nov 17

Why The Best Golfers Eat Injectable Donuts When They Play

Tiger Woods. Bubba Watson. Phil Mickelson. If you’re like me, you recognize these as the names of professional golfers. BUT…did… read more

Nov 04

Do Not Eat 100 Year-Old Food

You probably have heard stories about really old food, and how it is sometimes still good years, or even decades… read more

Oct 21

A Halloween Appetizer Scarier Than Dating Taylor Swift

Dating Taylor Swift is scary for a lot of reasons. First, she’s really tall. Second, she’s really skinny…which always makes… read more