Eric Neznik

A country singer-songwriter for 20 years, Eric Neznik plied the boards from Nashville to Austin. His disarming conversational style made Eric a popular guest on radio stations as he promoted his charting singles throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

A transition away from music turned Eric into a Cruise Director, where the whitest boy God ever created sailed the Caribbean and attempted to teach cruisers how to line dance.

Eric also hosted a YouTube series called The Hungry Cowboy, which allowed him to combine his love of food with an opportunity to promote local eateries, all the while showcasing Eric’s light-hearted nature and quick wit.

An entertainer and artist his entire life, Eric’s continued passion to tap into his creative side led to his debut novel, which is not yet published.

Eric Neznik plows through gray Minnesota winters on a steady diet of dark beer and whatever food is within reach. His spandex-clad butt can often be found on the saddle of his bike, chewing up thousands of miles each year. Eric now lives with his fiancé and four children, each of whom has a bedroom six times the size of his under-the-stairs office.

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